We have all heard that before, but we rarely follow up on the advice. It’s true, you can talk to your insurance agent, but they probably won’t take the time to explain everything, they are only concerned with their bottom line. However, a personal injury lawyer is not only concerned with your claim, but also with how you will get your money back and if the other party has any insurance that will cover your expenses. So before you even talk to them, think about these few questions. Do you and/or your insurance company have a policy against paying bills in a timely fashion? If so, then your insurance probably won’t cover you for any pain and suffering you suffer.

Are you or your family members suffering from long-term physical problems due to the accident? Can you or your loved ones to sue your insurance company for such damages? Can you get your treatment covered by workers’ compensation? What about lost wages, future medical care and cosmetic surgery? A personal injury lawyer can answer all of those questions for you. They can also help you find out what exactly your rights are in such situations.

Before you talk to a personal injury lawyer, you should also discuss with your doctor what might have caused your injuries. Also discuss what you would do if you were injured in a traffic accident, but no one was injured. Most people assume that if no one was hurt, that the other person couldn’t be held responsible. However, traffic accidents often involve faulty equipment or careless driving, which can certainly contribute to your injuries.

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